Jah jar binks
Jah jar binks 12 tundi tagasi
What a nice gentleman I wonder what will he do in the woods
Ali Chehab
Ali Chehab 12 tundi tagasi
Mike Tryna “pros and cons” his way back into that 😂💀
Ali Chehab
Ali Chehab 12 tundi tagasi
The fact that mike legit had his dream girl, and they dated for what like a year, and he still fuckn cheated on her, God I feel like when I get into a relationship im just gonna fear my girlfriend is going to go sleep with other people and that scares me.
Ali Chehab
Ali Chehab 12 tundi tagasi
Let’s be honest we will never forget the memes when boogie shot the gun in the air
Ali Chehab
Ali Chehab 12 tundi tagasi
I love how EEexs’s main rival is Tik Tok and they are doing EEexs shorts to compete with them. But yet they still advertise Tik Tok to on EEexs.
Ali Chehab
Ali Chehab 12 tundi tagasi
“Pokimane Hot Tub Stream”, at this point, the hub is doing more to stop minors for watching 18+ content than twitch
Ali Chehab
Ali Chehab 12 tundi tagasi
clicked faster than edp and james charles responding to 13 year olds
Osvaldo Ambriz
Osvaldo Ambriz 12 tundi tagasi
Why isnt james charles behind bars ??
piquant 12 tundi tagasi
Gotcha hat
Da Don
Da Don 12 tundi tagasi
Funniest shit ever 😂💀💀💀💀🤣
The Magic Toothbrush
The Magic Toothbrush 13 tundi tagasi
If you are reading this Keem like my comment
prince bogo
prince bogo 13 tundi tagasi
You better like this comment Keem
Endriii 13 tundi tagasi
Reply to this if u see it and look for 3 hours
C14hurchy 13 tundi tagasi
Keem FFS get Clown back on the Pod. Love it either way but man oh man big loss! He added a dynamic you and Banks needed!
Saurabh 13 tundi tagasi
Keemstar more like memestar haha pls laugh
Santi 13 tundi tagasi
Dudes old AF being super cringe still . Quit the shit Keem lol
Gavrilas Arthur
Gavrilas Arthur 13 tundi tagasi
I see he has Technoblade in his laptop
ProKingHero 13 tundi tagasi
"Ludwig said some naughty stuff so we are not going to show the clip" *shows a image from his live stream where someone in the chat saying "tit"*
Just a kid :p
Just a kid :p 14 tundi tagasi
Can i fucking say something @callmecarson got bombarded with hate and we see james charles without anything and no police like wtfff
Wilkos GaMes
Wilkos GaMes 14 tundi tagasi
Americans really confuse me like you have guns to protect yourself but if you use the gun without killing anyone you get jail time like what’s the point 😂 that’s made me vexed
Axel Rivera
Axel Rivera 14 tundi tagasi
God bless yall remember Jesus loves you ❤
Christian Lee
Christian Lee 14 tundi tagasi
I love how much he wants to be Ethan 🤣
Cainer J
Cainer J 14 tundi tagasi
John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”
TheLordXenu 14 tundi tagasi
Heart this if you're reading comments.
Navz DD
Navz DD 14 tundi tagasi
I didn't want to click this, but I had to... I had to know.. now the rest of my day is ruined
Kimberly Kennedy
Kimberly Kennedy 15 tundi tagasi
Tbh... I dont watch any of the youtubers dude reports on, I know of some of them... But most of them I dont!... I just randomly started watchin the show while we were on our 4wk lockdown, over here in New Zealand & I gotta say... Those little clips on Snapchat are epic for ingesting your daily dose of drama! 1 episode of this juice & I dont need to start a beef with anyone! Thanks Keemstar! Hahahaha...
SkiesTrippieReddfan 15 tundi tagasi
Hey! Repzion was exposed for using the n word recently the video is on my channel and he supports Trump lmao... not even joking I'm really disappointed
Anonymous 15 tundi tagasi
Uhh well there's nothing wrong with Logan here, I guess...
Emmya 15 tundi tagasi
The man's speaking facts
ツA*420 15 tundi tagasi
sounds like gay mickey mouse
Itzme_gaiaN 15 tundi tagasi
“Lana Rhoades exposes..” my brain: not the first time 😉
ThisTeam OfMine
ThisTeam OfMine 15 tundi tagasi
Shit dude ive been watchn u sense lizard squad ddos the first crew game on Christmas or Christmas eve...
v Lata
v Lata 16 tundi tagasi
Only people who listen to moms basement podcast can like this
Slimy Gator
Slimy Gator 16 tundi tagasi
“Chewing with food with mouth open and making slop noises” i wonder why she makes them in the first place mike.
Alpha Ulfr
Alpha Ulfr 16 tundi tagasi
hottub streamers = thots
Eddie jr
Eddie jr 16 tundi tagasi
Next vid pattymayo catches him
Lynne Paquette
Lynne Paquette 16 tundi tagasi
Mathew went through hell. Anyone who threatens suicide and has the nerve to blame you for it, please run. It's manipulation. Call the cops on them if you're concerned then run. Men get bused too. My Uncle was abused by his ex. My mother told me some horror stories while she was visiting him. She would scream her lungs out at him if he opposed anything she said, something as minor as putting forks on the right instead of in the middle of the drawer-dumb-ass small things like that, she would jump on him. beating on him, kept him away from family, accused him of being incest with my mother. Yes accused him of incest. Told everyone at his workplace as well. He lost his job over it. He got it back after a brutal court defamation of character case. Now he's so passive he never stands up for himself because she broke him down so bad. It's sad. If I saw any of that personally she would not be standing up.
Crown 16 tundi tagasi
"And as you all know I personally, don't care." had my dying
Marcus Armani
Marcus Armani 16 tundi tagasi
R.I.P David
Vegismite_gaming 16 tundi tagasi
He called a women he bumped into a b word hahahah so funny he is so talented he deserves views
Marcus Armani
Marcus Armani 16 tundi tagasi
I like this dude he has no clickbait
4est 16 tundi tagasi
When he said what are you doing, i thought he was gonna say step bro then talk about Lana and Mike
4est 16 tundi tagasi
Michael Gomez
Michael Gomez 16 tundi tagasi
If you really read the comments like this one
Josh Johnson
Josh Johnson 17 tundi tagasi
Jake Paul didn’t get nominated. “I’ve sacrificed so much.” Stfu lmao 😂😂
Ravahrn Brown
Ravahrn Brown 17 tundi tagasi
Lol kinda reminds me of me and brandon cheethams friendship lol
Ashley Tillett
Ashley Tillett 17 tundi tagasi
Sending day late love from Alabama..
Jazmine Ali
Jazmine Ali 17 tundi tagasi
People like this can’t wait for the opportunity to kick people when they’re down. Playing circus music in the background is sadistic and sickening. One guy is going through a manic ride and this guy that’s totally straight riding it laughing.
Austin Ledgerwood
Austin Ledgerwood 17 tundi tagasi
Make a vid on the Bryce Hall vrs SAE frat at SDSU
HURT3R 17 tundi tagasi
If u read the comments, watch my vid where I'm edp445 and Chris Hansen arrests me, u don't have to give me a shoutout but it's funny and I want u to see it, although if u do then much appreciated
The Real Cod3ine
The Real Cod3ine 17 tundi tagasi
I hit that subscroober and sus bell
Robert Bair
Robert Bair 17 tundi tagasi
Poor Boogie.... when the fuck does it end?
Matt Ø
Matt Ø 18 tundi tagasi
I love drama alert
Dara George
Dara George 18 tundi tagasi
If u like comments like this one
Christoff le Grange
Christoff le Grange 18 tundi tagasi
can't believe keemstar is still pupular...
Anthony Ortiz
Anthony Ortiz 18 tundi tagasi
Free bookie
The Absurd
The Absurd 18 tundi tagasi
Carson wasn’t really a Minecraft EEexsr, but okay.
Obama Headquarters
Obama Headquarters 18 tundi tagasi
If you really read comments heart this comment
vi3ws love
vi3ws love 18 tundi tagasi
Stop posting James Charles.... dont give him clout . Put out a video saying u won't post him simple
SkiesTrippieReddfan 15 tundi tagasi
Hey! Repzion was exposed for using the n word recently the video is on my channel and he supports Trump lmao... not even joking I'm really disappointed
NandoDeLaY 18 tundi tagasi
How Tfk are you gonna cheat on Lana rhoades 🤦‍♂️
Noel B
Noel B 18 tundi tagasi
This was one juicy drama alert
GABI _002
GABI _002 18 tundi tagasi
First cj so cool and royalty breaking up and now mike and logan fak man
Josh Lee
Josh Lee 18 tundi tagasi
is it just me or does Keem look like Ethan from certain angles... They truly are different sides of the same coin.
Sean & the Guinea Boys
Sean & the Guinea Boys 18 tundi tagasi
Mike/Logan beef starts at 8:55
Wolfboy 567
Wolfboy 567 18 tundi tagasi
How are you
Oscar Flores
Oscar Flores 18 tundi tagasi
good video keem !!!
MR RANDOM 18 tundi tagasi
The Best channel to get updates about famous you tubers and internet stars Keep Up The Good Work!
Phillip Human
Phillip Human 19 tundi tagasi
I am depressed🤡
Oryanna Poe
Oryanna Poe 19 tundi tagasi
I miss David!
SkiesTrippieReddfan 15 tundi tagasi
Hey! Repzion was exposed for using the n word recently the video is on my channel and he supports Trump lmao... not even joking I'm really disappointed
S223 19 tundi tagasi
Lol mike cheating on kana is the funniest thing I've ever heard
Blacha Elf
Blacha Elf 19 tundi tagasi
bledyclookas 19 tundi tagasi
how can you cheat on lana rhoades.... LANA RHOADES
WideHardo 7
WideHardo 7 19 tundi tagasi
Chat Shhhhhhh let's not talk about Cyr with Keemstar ok? Cx
hukt on fonix werx fer me
hukt on fonix werx fer me 19 tundi tagasi
settling court cases make u look guilty. and occupations don't go away on social media, youll always be guilty
Landan Cybak
Landan Cybak 19 tundi tagasi
I see you Keem with that FULL SEND merch.
EmanCurry 30
EmanCurry 30 19 tundi tagasi
I hope he goes to jail
itz king
itz king 19 tundi tagasi
Milad from subway finna get that check
Firegod 19 tundi tagasi
If you're reading this, like this comment 😳
reXplode 19 tundi tagasi
Pls like ❤
Laurëncë 19 tundi tagasi
I hope mike gets down hes just being friends with logan because he wants clout